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Eastland Mall
800 N Green River Rd Space 88
(812) 479-0252
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1704 N Dixie Hwy
(270) 360-0263
Parkway Plaza Mall
401 Madison Square Dr #35
(270) 821-4965
Towne Square Mall
5000 Frederica Street #56
(270) 683-6452
Somerset Mall
4150 S Hwy 27
(606) 676-0680
Dyersburg Mall
2700 Lake Rd
(731) 287-7672

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Middlesboro Mall
905 N. 12th St. #13
(606) 242-2515

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Mercer Mall
Rt 460 Space 665
(304) 325-3003
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Commitment. Devotion. True love.











All the best that we are, that we can be, is represented in your ring. The band represents the strength and beauty you see in your partner, the circular shape your eternal bond. Rogers Jewelers is committed to finding you the perfect ring to exemplify you and your partner, your complexity and depth, your pledge to spend a lifetime together.

secondary-bridaldesigners-benchmarkBenchmark Men

Benchmark Men rings are timeless in their solid strength and powerful aesthetic. Using materials ranging from the traditional to the industrial, these rings are forged, carved, inlaid and polished in all manner of deeply appealing designs suitable to symbolize your undying love as a couple, walking hand in hand with courage into the new world you’ve created.

FairyTale DiamondsFairy Tale Diamonds

Fashioned to give the illusion of a much larger center, each Fairy Tale Diamond is strategically chosen to fit flawlessly side by side providing a Forever Locked™ structure unified by a frame made of precious metal. This secure setting guarantees no stone will be lost.Each purchase is presented in a Fairy Tale Carriage ring box adorned by Austrian Crystals creating the perfect reminder of that perfect day every time she sees it!

secondary-epic101Epic 101

“For legendary love stories,” Epic 101 is considered the perfect specialty cut to increase brilliance in your stone. Created by cutting forty-three precise facets with minimal weight loss, the diamond shimmers with sparkling effect, dazzling to behold.

Love Cuts

Love Cuts™ is an Innovative patented specialized way of cutting and setting diamonds using highly advanced technology and machinery with skilled diamond cutters.Four diamonds are grooved together to give sheer brilliance which creates the look of one diamond.The Love Cuts™ appear 40% to 50% larger than a single stone solitaire of comparable weight.The exclusive diamond brilliance brings beauty that will light up any occasion!

secondary-fashionlovestorypromisePromise Collection

The Promise Collection is an affordably beautiful selection of bridal jewelry with each piece meant as a promise of your love and devotion. Creating gorgeous diamond looks in halo settings and sparkling bands, Love Story’s Promise Collection gives you the chance to shout your love to the rooftops and tell your story!


Promezza Engagement Rings are exquisitely detailed. Romantic popular designs feature petite diamonds selected for visual impact rather than weight, which means you get a breathtaking ring for a reasonable budget. Don’t make true love wait! Story book endings begin with Promezza.

Royal Colorless

These gorgeous rings are crafted with chemically pure and utterly clear diamonds. Each engagement ring is sumptuously enclosed in a Faberge egg container, providing a stunning presentation for any proposal. Their designs include dazzling interlocking engagement sets and gorgeous two-tone settings. Uniquely elegant in appearance, Royal Colorless is a sophisticated choice.

secondary-fashiontwogetherTwo Hearts

Two Hearts creates fashionable and graceful rings catering to all tastes. Using classically beautiful stones like the white diamond and more unusual and exotic stones like the Canary Yellow diamond and Morganite, Two Hearts designs uniquely elegant top-notch bridal jewelry perfect for your special day.


Twogether provides the perfect symbol of a couple’s love: two diamonds set together forever in a beautifully designed ring. Their master craftsmen combine the incredible strength, beauty and age of diamond with their uniquely elegant settings to create a sense of the infinite, of two shining stars linked together for eternity. Twogether’s rings announce your undying love with clarity and vision.