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Middlesboro Mall
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Mercer Mall
Rt 460 Space 665
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Fashion Jewelry

secondary-fashionalexandaniALEX AND ANI

Founded in 2004, ALEX AND ANI designs beautiful customizable jewelry intended to delight the eye and strengthen the spirit. Providing bracelets, necklaces and rings as a backdrop, you can adorn your jewelry with lovely charms created to symbolize the things which matter to you. Whether playful, serious, casual or professional, ALEX AND ANI helps you make your unique statement in a stylish and sophisticated way.


Do good and look great by adding Angelica charm bracelets to your personal jewelry collection. 500+ designs all feature recycled materials and are made right here in the United States. A portion of the profits from every sale goes to Generation Rescue, which works tirelessly to improve the lives of people living with autism. Choose from yellow, white and rose gold toned designs. Expandable design means an easy fit for most wrists!


With sparkling energetic flair, Chamilia creates a colorful line of customizable and stackable jewelry perfect for engaging your playful side and celebrating life’s happiest moments. Chamilia’s selection includes necklaces, bangles, earrings, rings, beads, charms and locks to be mixed and matched and help you express the true you! Flaunt your creativity and create your new look today.

secondary-fashioncitizenCitizen Watches

Founded in Japan in 1918, Citizen represents a century of fine craftsmanship and experience. Theirs is a comprehensive approach to watch-making, from manufacturing the individual components to creating the final product. One of Citizens’ proudest achievements is their Eco-Drive, which uses all available sources of light to charge your watch, ensuring you have a timepiece that will never stop or require a battery change, charging or winding. Darkness is not a concern, since the Eco Drive can run for six months on a single charge, and any type of light will provide energy for the fluid function of your watch. Ecologically-minded and considering themselves true citizens of the world, Citizen Watch Company well deserves their reputation for crafting some of the finest affordable watches.


Find your luster with Honora pearls, available at Rogers Jewelers. Pearls are often valued based on various qualities including size, color, shape, luster and symmetry as well as lack of flaws on the surface. If you are looking for flawless pearls look no further. Stop in to Rogers Jewelers and speak to an associate. No two pearls are alike, find the best that is unique to you!

secondary-fashionlevianLe Vian

The Le Vian family enjoys a rich history as one of the world’s oldest jewelers. With over five hundred years of experience, their pieces are highly collectable, valuable and much sought after. They’re a house of master artisans creating couture looks, and they strive to continue innovation in their craft. Le Vian is well-known today for creating exquisitely designed jewelry using their unique Chocolate Diamonds® and Strawberry Gold®, so named in reference to the aphrodisiac qualities and luscious taste of the foods. Always moving forward, ever crafting new adventurous designs, to own a piece of Le Vian jewelry is to own a work of art.

Lauren G Adams

Rogers Jewelers is proud to carry Lauren G Adams jewelry! The signature look is graceful and colorful! Prints are brought to life in high quality enamel with 18k gold, rhodium, rose gold or ruthenium plating over base metal. The feminine designs have an urban, edgy twist on classic aesthetics. Beautifully crafted, rich ornate patterns are combined with texture and movement to create original looks that inspire today’s modern woman’s unique style.

secondary-fashionrythemofloveRhythm of Love

Creating the most intimate sort of connection, Rhythm of Love’s floating diamonds flutter and scintillate with the beat of your beloved’s heart. Their necklaces and earrings are crafted in 14K, 10K and sterling silver, and come in a variety of twinkling pendant designs. The diamonds never stop moving, creating a constant dance of color and brilliance.


Pairing asymmetrical design with gorgeous sparkling diamonds, Sirena designs jewelry celebrating the feminine frame, the curves and mystery of woman. Deceptively minimal in design, these pieces have hidden depths in their subtle detail. Sirena jewelry provides the perfect gift for all occasions, celebrating the one you love and their most special moments.

secondary-fashionsvelteSvelte Metals

Giving edge to minimalist and avant design, Svelte Metals makes jewelry a bold statement, a clarion call in precious metals. Comprised of design elements like spikes, studs and bands, as well as retro nods hearkening back to the Arts & Crafts movement of the early 20th century, Svelte’s bright bracelets, audacious earrings and cuffs, necklaces and rings are striking pieces of art sure to draw the beholder’s eye.