December’s Birthstone Blue Zircon is a Timeless Treasure

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Available in December-birthday blue and a wide variety of hues, zircon is a brilliantly beautiful gemstone that’s as old as time itself.
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The zodiac calendar typifies those born in December as Sagittarius or Capricorn. If your loved one celebrates his or her birthday between the first and twenty-first of December, they are a Sagittarius— a notable fire sign constantly on a quest  for knowledge. This sign is best known for possessing a curious and energetic demeanor. He or she most likely also has a great love for adventure and the outdoors. The earthy outdoors also applies to our other December zodiac sign: Capricorn.
This earth sign is born between December 22nd and 31st . Capricorns are represented by a mythological “sea goat”– a legendary creature with the body of a goat and the tail of a fish. Known for their proficiency in steering through the emotional and material worlds, family, custom, and quality craftsmanship are very important to this sign. Similarly, Capricorns are considered to be deeply grounded, and often place a high value on the material things of the world.
Speaking of being grounded, did you know that Zircon is the oldest gemstone on earth?…

A Timeless Gift as Old as Time Itself

Zircon, first discovered in Australia, is almost as old as earth itself. Surviving pressure shifts, erosion, and more, this gemstone dates back 4.4 billion years and provides gemologists with clues to the early formation of our planet. This fun fact means that December’s birthstone, Blue Zircon, is a treasurable gift for the ages.
The name for the oldest mineral on our planet is believed to have stemmed from either the Persian word “zargun”, or the Arabic word “zarkun”— translating into “gold-colored” and “vermillion” respectively. When zircon is mined, it is unearthed as a brownish red gemstone that contains uranium—a radiation emitting element that shifts the chemical makeup and stone color over time. These trace elements of radioactivity provides Gemologists with clues about earth’s early development.
In the Middle Ages, zircon was believed to ward off evil, bring about sleep, and promote riches. Today, zircon is seen as a grounding stone with the ability to increase confidence and empathy.

Blue Zircon’s Physical Properties

In the 1920s, gemologists began heat treating zircon order to stabilize the slight radioactivity of the stone. A soon discovered and favorable byproduct of Zircon heat-treatment, the heated stone morphs into a blue, jaw-dropping hue that we connect with December birthdays today.
December’s birthstone is highly refractive and incredibly lustrous, and its unique blue tone is perfectly fitting for a winter birthday. The beauty of Blue Zircon rivals some of the planet’s most precious gems, which explains why it is typically assessed by the same factors as the diamond. Blue Zircon is one of the few colored gemstones that can display dispersion—otherwise known as the breaking up or scattering of light.
Though zircon comes in many colors, December’s birthstone Blue Zircon is the most demanded hue by a longshot. Blue Zircon gemstones rank a 7.5 on Moh’s Hardness Scale, and typically range from one to ten carats in weight. This valuable gemstone has a high degree of clarity and is often fashioned in a “brilliant-cut” style— though Blue Zircon may be found step-cut and mixed-cut as well.

Caring for Blue Zircon Jewelry

Because Blue Zircon is heat treated, it’s important to avoid exposing your jewelry to light for prolonged periods of time, as prolonged exposure can cause Blue Zircon to shift back to its original color.
Using ultrasonic or steam cleaners is advised against when it comes to cleaning Blue Zircon jewelry. Be sure to opt for warm water and a gentle soap instead!

Buying Blue Zircon Jewelry: What to Look For

Knowledgeable consumers revere Zircon as an industry favorite for its vast variety of available colors. Hues of red, orange, yellow, green and brown flicker across this gemstone, with colorless zircon being comparable to the brilliance and fire of the diamond. But perhaps the most coveted of the available zircon gemstones is December’s birthstone, Blue Zircon.
Blue Zircon is famous for enamoring jewelry lovers everywhere. So famous, in fact, that Blue Zircon makes up more than 80% of zircon gems sold to consumers. Higher demand often means higher pricing, and for a stunning piece of earth’s long-standing history, this December special at Rogers & Brooke an absolute steal.

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