August’s Birthstone: Peridot

Peridot: August’s Birthstone & The Ancient Gem of The Sun


Peridot is a crisp yellow-green gemstone found within meteorites, lava, and the abyssal mantle of the earth—making Peridot out of, and within, this world! If you’re lucky enough to know and love a Leo or Virgo of August, keep reading to find out why Peridot is the perfect gemstone gift for them!


The Perfect Gift for a Leo & Virgo


Born between August 1st and August 22nd, Leos are a fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun. Symbolized by the lion, Leos are often cheerful, warm-hearted, and absolutely intoxicating to be around. They adore bright colors, lavish things, and being treated like a king or queen—making a Peridot jewelry item a very fitting birthday gift for your Leo!


Wrapping up the end of August, August-born Virgos celebrate their birthday anywhere from the 23rd to the 31st. The element that rules Virgo is Earth, which aligns splendidly with the Peridot gemstone as most come from lava and the earth’s mantle. Virgos are known to be hardworking, loyal, nature-loving souls, which is why celebrating your loyal Virgo with a Peridot gemstone jewelry gift is the perfect birthday gift!


Peridot: A Mystical Gemstone of Ancient History


Historically, Peridot is one of the most antiquated gemstones, with the earliest records of its mining dating back as far as 1500 B.C. Peridot has a very strong association with ancient Egypt, and some historians even posit that Cleopatra’s well-known emeralds were, in fact, Peridot gemstones.


In ancient times, Peridot’s main source was what we now call Zabagard, or St. John’s Island. Once known as Topazos Island, this land sits within the Egyptian Red Sea and has provided us with Peridot for more than 3,500 years. Presently, Peridot most often comes from Burma, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, Arizona, and New Mexico.


Referred to by Ancient Egyptians as “the gem of the sun”, Peridot has an age-old mystical reputation for suspending enchantments, protecting from evil spirits, curing asthma, and reducing the thirst of a fevered person. It was also frequently used by clerics and royalty alike.


Physical Properties of Peridot

Physically, Peridot’s color ranges from golden lime green to plush pasture greens. Peridot falls within a 6.5-7 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale and features a vitreous luster.

Besides the diamond, Peridot is the only gemstone that is formed deeper than the Earth’s crust, nearly 20-55 miles within the Earth. The movement of tectonic plates and/or volcanic activity brings the gemstone to Earth’s surface, allowing its mining.


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