September’s Birthstone Sapphire is Hard to Beat

Love’s Most Symbolic Gemstone


For the entire month of September, Rogers & Brooke Jewelers is offering 10% off Sapphire jewelry – some exclusions may apply. See store for details.


September’s stunning birthstone, Sapphire, has been adored for thousands of years throughout history. This September is no different—as the entire month of September means 10% off Sapphire jewelry at Rogers & Brooke Jewelers! (Some exclusions may apply. See store for details).

Though sapphires technically come in every color of the rainbow— (rubies are actually red sapphires!)— perhaps the most well-known sapphire is that of an intensely-hued blue that’s so mesmerizing it pairs perfectly with the zodiac signs it describes: Virgo & Libra.


The Gemstone of Virgos & Librans Alike


Virgos, or those born between late August and early September, are Earth signs best known for the depths of their humanity— depths so profound that only an ocean-blue sapphire gemstone can match. With a shade of blue as concentrated as the vast sea itself, sapphire gemstones make the perfect gift for your Virgo!

If your loved one celebrates their birthday between September 23rd and September 30th, they are Libran-born Air signs with a sapphire birthstone. Ruled by the planet Venus, nothing captures a Libra’s attention like beautiful places, people and things. If you have a Libra in your life, a sapphire gemstone jewelry design as their birthday gift is a no brainer!


Sapphire: A Symbol of Royal Love Throughout History


Some of the oldest known records of the sapphire stem from ancient Romans wearing this September birthstone as jewelry. According to Apollodorus, Helen of Troy had sapphire to thank for being quite the catch in 12th century B.C.  When Helen, King Menelaus of Sparta’s beautiful bride, was captured by Paris as an act of adoration, it was her capture that served as the spark which would ignite the flame of the Trojan War.

What made Helen of Troy a woman worth ten years of warfare?  Legend has it that Helen possessed an enormous sapphire star—a sapphire star which acted as the vessel of her desirability, causing more than thirty suitors to contend for her affections.

Show your September-born loved one your own affections by presenting him or her with a sapphire gemstone jewelry gift from Rogers & Brooke Jewelers! Allow us to provide you with a sapphire emblem of your love’s desirability—just be sure that doing so won’t erupt a decade of warfare!

The sapphire has certainly held its reputation as a royal symbol of love throughout thousands of years. Fast forward to 1981, when Britain’s Prince Charles gifted Lady Diana with a 12-carat blue sapphire engagement ring that was later presented to Catherine Middleton during Prince William’s 2010 proposal. It’s no doubt that the sapphire will be valued for years and years to come.

Not only is this gemstone believed to have been a conduit of desire in ancient times, sapphires are also said to symbolize loyalty, nobility, sincerity and integrity—each of these characteristics fitting both Virgos and Libras alike! The sapphire birthstone is also associated with focusing the mind, maintaining self-discipline and channeling higher powers.

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Hard to Beat: Physical Properties of the Sapphire


As previously mentioned, sapphires come in a vast array of colors, the most well-known of which possessing a rich-blue tone. This September birthstone gets its color from trace elements within the mineral corundum, and it is the presence of iron and titanium that bring forth the blue sapphire’s beauty. This bright vitreous gemstone falls at a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making the quality of sapphire jewelry designs hard to beat. As one of the most durable naturally occurring elements on the planet, sapphire gemstones make the perfect gifts for jewelry designs that will tend to be worn daily- such as engagement rings or treasured 45th anniversary gifts!


Fun Fact: The rarest Sapphire is a pinkish orange gemstone that earns its name from the Sanskrit word for lotus flower: “padparadscha.”

The sapphire’s remarkable hardness makes this September birthstone a highly versatile material with usefulness in industrial applications like scientific tools, highly durable windows, electronics & more!

Fun Fact: The Apple Watch contains lab-created sapphire glass in its screen!


Whether you plan to present your Virgo or Libra with a sapphire birthstone design, or you surmise you’ll surprise your soulmate with a 45th-anniversary gift as strong as your love itself, sapphire gemstone jewelry is exactly what you’re looking for! Remember: For the entire month of September, Rogers & Brooke Jewelers is offering 10% off Sapphire jewelry – some exclusions may apply see store for details.

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