Are You Ready to Get Excited? Check Out the 3 Great New Brands Available At Rogers & Brooke Jewelers

Is there anything better than discovering your new favorite designer? There are some truly talented jewelry artists and watchmakers out there, conceiving and crafting exceptionally beautiful looks you’ll love wearing.

The Rogers & Brooke Jewelers team is dedicated to finding the very best of the best. We look everywhere and talk to everyone as part of our search, so you can discover that one special piece that takes your breath away in our showcases. Now we have great news about 3 fantastic brands now available in select locations.

Introducing: Brilliant Fire, Obaku Watches, & Fire Polish Diamonds

Rogers & Brooke Jewelers is proud to announce that Obaku Watches, Brilliant Fire, and Fire Polish Diamonds are now available at select locations. Keep reading to learn about what makes each brand special:

Brilliant Fire: The Whiter, Brighter Diamond

When you’re choosing a diamond, whether that’s for an engagement ring or a very special gift, you want the stone to sparkle brilliantly. One factor that impacts how well a diamond captures and reflects light is the way it’s cut: each one has a unique role to play in taking your breath away. Brilliant Fire features 97 facets – the optimal number when you want to make a stunning impression.

brilliant fire jewelery

Obaku Watches: Embrace the Essentials in Life

So many of our customers have told us what they want in a watch: a simple, elegant design that’s clearly well-made and of superior quality; a timepiece that can go anywhere – from the boardroom to the ball game – and always look stunning, at a realistic price. Obaku Watches delivers all of this and more. Combining Zen philosophy with Danish design, Obaku Watches are simple, stylish, and definitely a favorite among those who know how to appreciate the finer things.
Obaku Watches

Fire Polish Diamonds: The Power of the Prism

When you look at a diamond, the flat top part of the stone is known as the table; the angled portions that slant away from the table and everything below that is called the pavilion. Fire Polish Diamonds is doing something really innovative and amazing: using nano technology, they’re cutting tiny prisms into the diamond. When light hits the prisms the effect is spectacular. Ideal for engagement rings and bridal jewelry!

fire polish diamonds

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