January Birthstone: Garnet

January’s Birthstone Garnet: Rich in Symbolism & Color


Alongside the renewal and resolutions that accompany the new year, January is also a month where many of us celebrate our loved one’s birthdays. If you’re lucky enough to love and be loved by a January-baby, you know just how special these individuals are. As such, the zodiacal calendar has devoted two astrological signs to the month of January: Capricorn and Aquarius.

Responsible and disciplined, those who celebrate a birthday between Jan. 1st and Jan. 19th are considered “Capricorns”. A typical Capricorn values tradition, family and quality craftsmanship— all things worth keeping in mind when searching for a perfect birthday gift!

Additionally, individuals born towards the end of January (between the 20th & 31st) fall under the zodiac sign “Aquarius”. Known for their originality and independent nature,  your typical Aquarius is helpful to others, an excellent listener, and incredibly fun to be around.

If either of these signs describe someone you love, it is of the utmost importance that you show him or her just how grateful you are that they came into this world with an extraordinary birthday gift. Where jewelry is concerned, it doesn’t get more extraordinary than Garnet jewelry from Rogers & Brooke Jewelers!


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Whether you are looking to celebrate a Capricorn, an Aquarius, or both, these two zodiac signs boast the same traditional birthstone: Garnet. Additionally, the Garnet is the gemstone of the 18th wedding anniversary!

The superior Garnet jewelry collection at Rogers & Brooke Jewelers is sure to present you with the perfect Garnet gift for your January-born loved one this year. Show them just how much they mean to you AND receive 10% off Garnet jewelry all January long.* It doesn’t get much better than a quality gift at an affordable price!


The “Gem of Faith”


Though nature provides Garnet in a variety of hues (including ornate oranges, plush purplish-reds, and even color-changing blues), January’s Garnet birthstone is a deep, rich shade of red worthy of rivaling the ruby. The Garnet gemstone is equally rich in history as it is in color…

A long, long time ago, Pharaohs decorated themselves with red garnet gems and Romans used this January birthstone to stamp valuable documents.  As legend would have it, Garnets can foster peace, wealth, and healthiness in the home. Garnet was once referred to as the “Gem of Faith”, as it was believed to bring good fortune to good doers, and conversely bring bad fortune to those who committed bad acts while wearing the stone.


Don’t Wait! Gift Garnet to Your Loved One Today


Alongside the symbolism of January’s birthstone and the 18th wedding anniversary, Garnet represents deep, long-lasting friendship. This makes a Garnet jewelry design the perfect choice gift for someone whose friendship you value both deeply and infinitely.

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