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What’s the very first thing people look at when you show them an engagement ring? The center stone – the diamond you’ve chosen to celebrate your unique, lasting love. You want to choose the right one, but that can be tricky: diamonds come in an overwhelming number of sizes, shapes, colors and prices.

Rogers & Brooke is dedicated to making the process easy for you. Our team is Diamond Council of America (DCA) Certified. That means they’ve gone through an intense training process that teaches them everything involved in the 4 C’s (scroll to see more information below), where diamonds come from, how they are minded and processed, as well as how to clean, display, and present diamonds. They have the experience and education to guide you to a diamond that’s perfect for your style and your budget. Shopping for your diamond should be fun!

Great Diamonds for Every Occasion

Rogers & Brooke is known for our engagement rings and bridal jewelry. Many of the diamonds we sell are used to celebrate love. Some very special diamonds are destined for our one of a kind custom engagement rings.

But did you know we also sell diamond fashion jewelry? Diamond earrings, pendants and bracelets are fashion essentials and a great addition to your jewelry wardrobe. Take advantage of our team’s experience to pick exceptional pieces of diamond jewelry you’ll love wearing.

Understanding the 4Cs of a Diamond

The 4 Cs of a Diamond refer to the important qualities that determine a particular stone’s appeal and value. These 4 Cs include Color, Clarity, Carat Weight and Cut.


The ideal diamond is absolutely colorless, like a pure drop of water.

These truly transparent stones are very rare. Most diamonds contain a tiny bit of color, although it can be almost impossible to see it with the naked eye. Diamonds are rated from D to Z, with the most colorless diamonds appearing on the D end of the scale and more strongly colored stones appearing nearer the Z. Fancy colored diamonds, which come in pink, yellow, brown and other colors, aren’t rated this way.



To determine a diamond’s clarity, a grader looks at it under 10x magnification. They are searching for natural crystals that formed inside the diamond while the diamond was growing. These are known as inclusions.

If absolutely no inclusions can be seen, the diamond is considered flawless. Some inclusions are so hard to see it takes an absolute expert to find them; these diamonds are rated from very, very slightly included to very slightly included. When inclusions are more clearly visible under 10x magnification, they are rated slightly included to included.

Carat Weight

Carat weight refers to the size of the diamond.

Diamonds come in all sizes. For use as the center stone in an engagement ring, one carat is the most popular size. Total carat weight refers to the sum total of all diamonds in a piece of jewelry. Currently, engagement ring styles tend to average around 2 total carat weight, including the center stone and any diamonds that are included in the setting.


Diamonds can be cut in a variety of shapes, including round, cushion, princess, marquise and more.

When a diamond grade considers a stone’s cut, they look at the quality of the cutting as well as how effectively light moves within the diamond. A superior cut can truly enhance a diamond’s natural beauty.

Want To Learn More About Diamonds?

We’d be happy to provide you with further education on the four C’s of a diamond, using examples of diamonds from our inventory so you can see their beautiful sparkle and shine for yourself. Learning everything you can about diamonds allows you to make smart decisions when choosing an engagement ring or other major piece of diamond jewelry. There’s never any pressure to buy during these educational settings: our mission is to help you choose diamonds confidently. Browse Engagement Jewelry Here.

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