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Make March Magic: Have Your Jewelry Repaired & Enjoy It Once Again!

A life well lived can be hard on fine jewelry.  When jewelry is damaged, or no longer fits, you can’t wear it. Items passed down from generations can break but it doesn’t mean they deserve to sit in your dresser! Your rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings were meant to be worn and enjoyed. When they’re stuck in your jewelry box, it’s sad.


Rogers & Brooke Jewelers is determined to bring the magic back to your accessories this month with a special 30 day Repair It to Wear It event. We are excited to celebrate this special event with all of our valued customers, and, just to make things extra special, we’re going to have our premier expert jewelers – the ones who perform the most skilled repair jobs on the most precious jewelry – available at three locations for one day only! Be sure to check if there is an expert jeweler coming to a Rogers & Brooke near you!


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Ring Repair, Resizing & Rhodium Dip


Rings are the type of jewelry most vulnerable to damage. This makes sense, because we wear rings on our hands, and our hands continually come into contact with everything. Even if you’re ridiculously careful, it’s not unusual for a ring to become damaged. The prongs that hold diamonds and gemstones in place can loosen; stones can get chipped or cracked; the band can break, twist or bend. Additionally, our hands often change size throughout our lives, particularly after childbirth or a significant weight loss event. White gold jewelry loses its finish through normal wear over the course of time.


During the Repair It to Wear It event, our expert jewelers will bring your jewelry back to life! You’ll enjoy seeing your old jewelry look like new again. In the case of family or heirloom jewelry that you’ve never been able to wear because it’s damaged or the wrong size, we know that the feeling when you slip that new-to-you ring on your finger for the first time is absolutely fabulous.


Earn $25 Promise Dollars with Your Repair


Promise Dollars are Rogers & Brooke Jewelers’ special savings currency. You can use them on any future purchase, including our beautiful colored gemstone fashion jewelry, engagement and bridal jewelry, and more. Save your Promise Dollars for the gift-giving season or use them to treat yourself to something nice!


Clasps & Closures – Have Your Bracelet, Pin, or Necklace Repaired at Rogers & Brooke


In order to enjoy your jewelry, you need to be able to wear it with confidence. That’s impossible when the clasp or closure just isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. Our team of expert jewelers specializes in clasp and closure repair. Their dedication to detail and high level of craftsmanship means your jewelry will look just like new – and the clasp or closure will work properly, so you can wear and enjoy your jewelry once again.


Expert Jewelry Repair in Somerset, Owensboro, & Dyersburg


The Repair It to Wear It event is happening all month long. If you’d like to meet directly with one of our jewelry repair professionals, be aware that they’ll be available in store for 3 days only. For jewelry repair in Somerset, you’ll want to visit us on March 9. For jewelry repair in Owensboro, visit us on March 16th. And for jewelry repair in Dyersburg, come to the store on March 23rd.  No reservations are necessary.


For more information, click here. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring your old, broken jewelry back to life. It’s time to Repair It to Wear It!

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