February’s Birthstone: Amethyst

Would you describe your loved one as independent, original, intellectual and open-minded? How about compassionate, intuitive, creative and romantic? If so, it is likely that your loved one was born during the month of February. Boasting the Amethyst birthstone, February birthdays are the perfect time of year to spice up a short winter month with breathtaking Amethyst baubles. Additionally, Amethyst is the ideal gemstone for those of you celebrating a 6th wedding anniversary in the near future! Whether you’re looking to purchase a gift to celebrate a February birthday or a 6th wedding anniversary, Amethyst jewelry designs from Rogers & Brooke Jewelers make the perfect gift.



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Amethyst Jewelry Gifts for Aquarius & Pisces


Depending on the date of which your loved one entered this world, the zodiacal calendar typifies him or her as either “Aquarius” or “Pisces”. Aquarius – those born from February 1–18 — is a fixed Air sign who is said to enjoy having fun with friends, helping those in need and standing up for causes that he or she believes in. Furthermore, Aquarius strongly dislikes boredom, broken promises, and worst of all: loneliness.


Contrary to their February counterpart, Pisces is said to revel in quality alone-time. Pisces – born anytime from February 19th through the end of the month—are known for their spirituality, musical-nature, and romanticism. Additionally, this Water sign gravitates towards purple hues like lilac and violet— making their birthstone, the ever-stunning Amethyst, the perfect gemstone to celebrate their birthday this February!


Amethyst: A Flawlessly Blended Gem

Color, Composition & Location


Though most well-known for its purple color, Amethyst may also be found in shades of light-pink, violet, and a rich purple that, contingent on lighting, may appear to be somewhat blue or red in color. The gem is a flawless blend of violet and red hues that obtains its color from a combination of radioactivity, iron impurities and trace elements within the earth.

Interestingly enough, the same gemstone may possess layers that vary in color depending on the cut of the gemstone. Furthermore, wearers praise the gemstone’s versatility as they consider it to compliment both cool and warm colors.


Amethyst is comprised of quartz, which is the second most plentiful material found in our planet’s crust. The gemstone is a 7 on Mohs Hardness Scale, which means that Amethyst jewelry is long-lasting and resilient— perfect for everyday wear!


Some discovered gemstones have been dated as far back as 2000 BC. Presently, Amethyst is  mined from geodes of granitic rocks found in the US, Brazil, Canada, Zambia, and other locations around the world.


Intoxicated by Amethyst Jewelry


This flawless February birthstone’s name is a derivative of “methustos”, meaning “intoxicated”. Ancient Greeks believed that it offered protection from drunkenness. Today, wearers posit that wearing an Amethyst keeps them clear-minded and clever.


Royalty and members of clergy once wore it to symbolize the deity of Christ, and the prized gem is still worn symbolically today. Those who have studied the Old Testament note that Amethyst is mentioned as one of the twelve tribes of Israel’s twelve gemstones. Additionally, some believe that Saint Valentine sported an Amethyst ring with the image of Cupid carved into it!


Warm His or Her Heart Forever During a Cold, Fleeting Month


For many people around the world, February is a cold, dim and fleeting month. The Amethyst— bountiful in symbolism and meaning— represents peace, courage, stability and vigor. This makes Amethyst an ideal gem for individuals who need a little more warmth and strength throughout this time of year.


Whether you’re shopping to celebrate a February birthday or a traditional 6th wedding anniversary, Amethyst jewelry from Rogers & Brooke Jewelers is the perfect gift for your loved one! He or she will truly appreciate your thoughtfulness when presented with a meaningful and symbolic Amethyst jewelry design.


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