July’s Birthstone: Ruby

The Leader of Gems


Independence Day, picnics, boat rides, beach days and nights spent outdoors. By the month of July, summertime has stretched its legs and is now striding at a steady pace. Those born during July are either Cancer or Leo, according to the zodiacal calendar. Cancers are known for their loyalty, persuasiveness, intuition and sentimentality; while Leos are often creative, humorous, passionate and born to lead. Something that these signs have in common is the pink to deep red colored July birthstone: Ruby.

No matter where you look throughout history, many cultures could agree on one thing: the beauty of the Ruby gemstone. The eastern world enchantingly described it as “a drop of the heart’s blood of Mother Earth”, “the King of Precious Stones”, and “the Leader of Gems.” References to the gem can even be found in the Bible and ancient Sanskrit writings, which call the ruby the most precious gemstone. Rubies have generated numerous legends over the years and were even thought to bring safety to their owners.


History of the Rich Red Ruby Birthstone


This rich and sultry gemstone earned its name from the Latin word for red, “ruber.” The Ruby’s color is caused by chromium, a well-known chemical element. It is said to inspire emotion more so than any other gemstone. Certain ancient cultures believed that the Ruby grew on trees like fruit, budding as a white gem that slowly ripened to its reddened color by the warmth of the sun’s light.

Rubies were once sorted into castes in the same way that social classes were. The most presentable gemstones were “upper class” rubies, while those less perfect fell within the middle or lower classes. Any Ruby that was considered to be less than flawless was not allowed to come in contact with a superior stone, for it was believed that the flawed stone would taint the nobler stone and weaken its magical powers. Hindus designated lighter colored Rubies to be for women, and darker rubies to be meant for men. In China, the color of the Ruby gemstone in a Mandarin’s ring would indicate his rank.


The Prophetic Gem of Healing


Multiple countries believed that Ruby gemstones could attain various outcomes for their owners. In India, if one donated a Ruby to honor Krishna, he or she would become an emperor in their next life. The gemstones association with the sun once meant that it could maintain mental and physical health.  During the Middle Ages, the Ruby was viewed as a prophetic gem- believed that it would darken when danger was close at hand. Rubies were prescribed in the 13th century to heal liver problems, and later in history were believed to counteract poison. It was also said that rubbing a Ruby on one’s skin would return youth and vigor.


Lifelong Love & Passion


In today’s world, Rubies are said to reenergize, promote balance, and encourage lifelong passion and love. It’s no wonder that lovers are drawn to the smoldering red ruby since many consider the “internal flame” of a ruby to be inextinguishable and everlasting. The fire within a ruby will never dull and always radiate the same powerfully glow. It is believed that this gemstone also has the ability to detoxify blood, treat illness, and promote healthy circulatory functions. In a spiritual realm, there are those who claim that the Ruby can promote motivation, positive dreams and bring on good fortune.


 Physical Properties


The Ruby is incredibly rare and is considered a mineral variety of the corundum species—which is the same gem-quality as the sapphire. Along with emerald, diamond, amethyst, and sapphire, the Ruby is epitomized as one of the traditional cardinal gems. Its color ranges from brownish red to light red to pinkish, and it rates a 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. For the science lovers out there, the red fluorescence light that the Ruby emits was used to create the very first laser in 1960. This gemstone is known to break auction records when it comes to fine-quality specimens. The stone is often fashioned in a mixed cut such as brilliant-cut crowns and step-cut pavilions.




Most importantly, the Ruby symbolizes passion and love, making it an excellent choice for your beloved as a birthday, Valentine’s Day, holiday or anniversary gift. The Ruby is also the gemstone of the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries! Luckily for you, Rogers & Brooke Jewelers is offering 10% off Ruby jewelry for the entire month of July! (Some exclusions may apply see store for details.)

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