November Birthstone: Citrine

The Light Maker and Healer

In November, the days get cooler, the nights get longer and the sense of Winter is ever approaching. Astrology identifies those born in November to be a Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) or Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21). These two signs both share the Citrine birthstone for the month of November. Citrine has a vast history of powerful attributes, from healing, creating good fortune, finding love and happiness, and much more. To give you all of that and more, Rogers & Brooke Jewelers is offering 10% off Citrine Jewelry for the month of November – some exclusions may apply see store for details.



Citrine is a member of the quartz family and dates back thousands of years. In the Roman Catholic and Latin versions of the Old Testament, citrine was known as chrysolitus (Greek for golden stone). In 17th century Europe, citrine was largely used by Scottish weapon makers to decorate dagger handles. Soon enough diamonds gained mainstream popularity, and Citrine was overshadowed. In the 19th Century, Citrine found new admirers and soon it came back even more powerful and glorious than ever before. An interesting fact in Citrine’s history is that due to Queen Victoria’s love for colored gems, Citrine became the traditional stone used for kilt gems.

Citrine’s Mystical Powers

Citrine is referred to as “The Success Stone”, because it is believed to deliver good fortune and success to the wearer. Furthermore, it can also be referred to as “The Stone Of The Merchants” with the belief that it will promote success in business if placed in the cash drawer of a shop, worn or carried. Looking more into Citrine’s mystical beliefs, it is said that wearing the citrine stone at night will conquer nocturnal fears, rid of anger and sadness including protecting the wearer from sudden death too.


Digging into Citrine

Citrine is a golden colored gemstone. The name Citrine is derived from its resemblance to the color of citrus fruits. It supports vitality and good health to the wearer. These gemstones range in color from light yellow tones to deep orange hues. Citrine stones have long been believed to bring hope, strength, vitality and energy to the wearer. Citrine makes the perfect accent

Whether you’re celebrating a November birthday or are intrigued by the vast history and meaning behind Citrine, stop by Rogers & Brooke Jewelers for 10% off Citrine Jewelry for the entire month of November – some exclusions may apply see store for details.

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