There’s something about gemstone jewelry that, when given in celebration of a loved one’s birthday, enhances a gift’s sentimental meaning. The particular gemstone attached to a month’s birthstone provides the jewelry’s wearer with something that encapsulates their soul. What better way to celebrate an October birthday than with a gemstone jewelry design that captures their very essence? Allow us to introduce you to October’s birthstone: The Opal.



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Opal is believed to regulate the energies of planet Venus; a planet symbolic of sympathy. October-born Libras (those born between October 1st and October 22nd) are said to be ruled by planet Venus; making this Air sign fair-minded, peaceful, intellectual, and social.

Conversely, where Libras are known for their peacefulness, Scorpions are known for their stubbornness. Those celebrating birthdays between October 23rd and 31st are Scorpion-born. This Water sign, ruled by Pluto and Mars, is considered to be truthful, brave, and passionate.


Whether Libra or Scorpio, your October-born loved one will revel in their Opal gemstone jewelry gift. Libras are famously attracted to all things beautiful (be it jewelry, paintings, music, books, and more), and Scorpions will find the Opal gemstone to resonate with their intensely passionate nature.


Speaking of nature, did you know there’s a legend that October’s birthstone came to earth over a rainbow?


The Kaleidoscopic Gemstone


The origins of the Opal gemstone include just about as many colorful legends as the gemstone itself.



Australian aborigines believed that the creator came to earth on a rainbow, leaving these colorful gemstones where his feet touched the ground. Arabic legends tell tales of Opals that shot down from stormy skies in bolts of lightning. The people of the Middle Ages claimed that an Opal possessed the powers of each gemstone that was mimicked in its sheen.


Despite more recent superstitions positing Opals as bad luck for anyone not born in October, Opals have been associated with good luck for thousands of years. It is also considered an emotional stone that can reflect the mood of its wearer. Some believe that an Opal can promote freedom and independence, as well as stimulate creativity and cosmic consciousness.



Rare Fossils from the Australian Outback


Originating from the Greek word “opallios” meaning “to see a change on color,” the Opal’s traditional country of origin is Australia. The country has supplied 95% of the world’s Opals since the first Opal discovery in 1850. Other nations where Opal is mined include Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, Ethiopia, the Czech Republic, and even here in the United States (particularly Nevada and Idaho).


When Australia’s outback is drenched in seasonal rain, silica deposits are carried underground into fissures between layers of rock. Opals form from these silica deposits once these rains evaporate. Interestingly enough, opalized fossils can come about when silica seeps into spaces around seashells, skeletons, and wood!



Many Opals diffract light to show a play of multiple colors, offering a full spectrum of gems to suit anyone’s personal tastes. The kaleidoscopic feature of the Opal gemstone was explained by scientists in the 1960s. These “precious Opals” are composed of infinitesimal silica orbs that diffuse light in the most vivid display of colors and shades. Opals without this play-of-color are known as “common Opals.” Though dozens of Opal varieties are in existence, only few are universally acknowledged. Recognized Opal types include Boulder Opal, Crystal Opal, White Opal, Black Opal, and Fire Opal.



Evaluated by Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat and Pattern

Opals are subject to the same evaluation as diamonds (Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight), however, they are also uniquely appraised by their patterns, which are illustrated by name descriptions like “stained glass, rolling fire, Chinese writing, and peacock.”


Color is perhaps the most important assessor of Opal quality. Two components of color are measured: “body color” or the background color, and “play-of-color” or the flashing color seen when light hits the gemstone. A brightness scale of 1 to 5 measures an Opal’s play-of-color, with 1 being “faint” and 5 being “brilliant.” Because darker backgrounds allow for more contrast in the presence of intense play-of-color, black Opal is favored over milky white Opal in terms of value.


Not only does an Opal gemstone jewelry design make the perfect gift for an October birthday, Opal is also the gemstone associated with the 34th wedding anniversary! Whether you’re singing Happy Birthday or reflecting on 34 years well-spent, Opals provide a splash of color to their wearer’s world.

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