The Engagement Ring Trends of 2019-2020 You Must Know Before Choosing Your Ring!

Oval Cut Center Stones

The oval design is a recently new trend on the rise for several reasons.  The smooth angles make the gemstone shine and create a fascinating gentle elongating effect.  As the oval cut is not a perfect circle and is lacking pointed edges, it stands as a sign of uniqueness and is a beautiful way to begin your life together.

Colored Gemstone Center Stones

Gemstones can come in an array of colors from all over the world.  Each gemstone has a unique story, color and birthplace.  Don’t blend in, stand out from others and get something extraordinary.  With any color in the rainbow to choose from, you will find the most spectacular and rarest gems to make your engagement ring shine.


Emerald Cut Center Stones 

The emerald cut is a rectangular cut with cropped corners symbolizing an open heart.  This open style looks breathtaking in every setting and shows more of the gemstone because of the shallow depth.  The gem’s vertical facets create a glamorous, mirror-like effect.  It’s an elegant and timeless cut that makes the gem pop and look larger than other diamond shapes.

Rose Gold Settings

Combining both a modern and vintage feel, rose gold engagement ring settings make a distinctive, beautiful choice.  A stunning mixture of gold and copper create a spectacular rose gold whose roots stem back from the earliest jewelers.  This elegant setting compliments all skin complexions and offers a romantic connotation due to the color.


Pear-Shaped Center Stones

Pear shaped diamonds are an exquisite option if you are searching for an engagement ring that is both elegant and uncommon.  An engagement ring with a pear-shaped center stone is the perfect pick for any woman with a captivating sense of style.  Pear shaped diamonds have a signature shape that mimics a teardrop and is perfectly symmetrical.

Two-Tone Settings

Created as modern designs to more traditional looks, our sparkling exceptional two-tone rings are captivating, perfect for a bride who wants to stand out, and display her dazzling diamond center stone.


Split Shank Settings

The band has a split effect, resembling two bands in one.  The two shanks leading up to the diamond not only add character, but offer a sophistication and elegance.  Those who like statement jewelry will love this style because the diamond is more prominent.

Pave Settings

Looking for a continuous sparkle or a band with elegance and beauty?  The pave setting ensures you have extra character, without distracting from the center diamond.  Besides the intricate detail of diamond, the best part about pave is no matter the style you want, you can always add pave detailing because of the classic design.


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