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The month of April brings about new life and warmer weather with the dawn of Spring.  Astrology identifies those born in the month of April as either the Aries ram or the Taurus bull.  These two signs of the zodiac share White Topaz as their birthstone.  Interestingly enough, this gemstone has a strong relationship with both Aries’ and Taurus’ known elements: Fire and Earth respectively.  Dripping in historical folklore, White Topaz, also known as pure topaz, is characteristically fitting for the purity associated with new life in the Springtime. Rogers & Brooke is celebrating both the dawn of Spring and all those born in the month of April with 10% off any White Topaz jewelry designs.


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Born anytime from April 1st-19th, the Flying Rams (Aries) are known for leading with their heads and possessing a strong sense of determination, passion, and enthusiastic optimism.  The Wandering Bulls (Taurus) wrap up the month of April from the 20th to the 30th, and are considered to be highly sensible, often acting as a practical voice of reason amidst unhealthy and chaotic situations.  Where Aries is typically courageous, honest and confident, Taurus is grounded, stable and realistic.  Aries is determined and enthusiastic, Taurus is patient and devoted.  Aries is passionate, Taurus is loving.  Aries’ element is Fire, while Taurus’ element is Earth; however, both signs can relate to their White Topaz birthstone through the elements…

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The topaz gemstone itself has a rich history throughout many areas of the world.  Where the name “Topaz” derived from is not entirely known.  Many say that its name stems from the Island of Topazos in the Red Sea (“Topazos” meaning “to seek” in Greek), while some claim that the name comes from the Sanskrit word “tapas” meaning “fire.”  The Egyptians purportedly believed that the gemstone was colored by the sun god “Ra” and his golden glow, and it is written that the Greeks thought topaz could bestow powers on its wearers such as strength and invisibility.  The Romans associated their god of the sun, “Jupiter,” with the stone. The Russians discovered pink topaz in the 1800s, and the gemstone was so desirable that only the Czar, his family, and a select few he gave pink topaz to were allowed to own it.

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Myths and folklore peg topaz as a gemstone with many mythical powers that were believed to rise and fall with the phases of the moon. It is known as a strong healing stone, said to relieve stress and depression and improve mental clarity.  However, topaz is most well-known for its said ability to enhance creativity and personal success of its wearer.  It has also been said that topaz was one of the stones in the breastplate of the high priest in the Bible.


The Portuguese Crown features a giant specimen set of topaz, and both the Smithsonian Institution and the American Museum of Natural History in New York display multiple cuts or rough stones of stunning quality.




Although naturally formed topaz (formed in Taurus’ earth) does come in pale shades of yellow, brown, grey, violet, pink and milky green, these stones are not considered to be pure topaz.  In actuality, the color of any topaz stone is a direct result of impurity elements in nature, faults in its crystal structure, or heat treatment (Aries’ fire). Experts have implemented various treatments in order to create vibrantly colorful stones for jewelry purposes, being that boldly colored topaz stones would not typically form in nature.  When topaz is completely pure and unaltered, it is a brilliant and dazzling colorless gemstone otherwise referred to as White Topaz.  The majority of topaz stones today are found in Brazil.  However, topaz is also sourced from Texas, Colorado, and Topaz Mountain in Utah.

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With a hardness of 8 on the MOHS scale, White Topaz is a highly durable silicate mineral.  Fashioned stones are typically free of visible flaws and due to their colorlessness, they tend to have a glassy appearance otherwise known as a “vitreous” luster.  Possessing a clarity similar to diamonds at a much cheaper price point, White Topaz is often used as a substitute for diamonds in the jewelry industry.

Whether you’re celebrating a loved one’s April birthday or looking to treat a friend or family member (or even yourself) spontaneously, the dazzling beauty and diamond-like qualities of White Topaz make it the perfect gift from a pure heart for any occasion.  Be sure to take advantage of Rogers & Brooke Jewelers’ White Topaz sale deal- available for the month of April only!

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